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What to Expect During Your Complimentary Fleet Lot Check


When it comes to maintaining a fleet of vehicles, the key to minimizing vehicle downtime is keeping up with regular inspections. Regular fleet inspections should be added to your regular fleet maintenance program as they can help you spot potential problems before they progress and potentially impact your fleet’s uptime and effectiveness. For example, the condition of your tires can impact safety, fuel efficiency, and overall vehicle performance.

Firestone Direct offers complimentary tire inspections for yarded vehicles in your fleet when your account is first set up. From catching irregular tread wear patterns early to making sure tire pressure is optimal, here’s what you can expect when you book a complimentary fleet lot check with one of our expert mobile specialists.

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What is a Complimentary Fleet Lot Check?


Our complimentary fleet lot check is specifically focused on monitoring tire condition. When you book an appointment, our expert technicians will come directly to your lot to inspect your entire fleet. Appointment times are flexible and can work around your business hours to ensure all vehicles are available for regular daily business. 

Here’s what is included in your complimentary fleet inspection:

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Mileage check

Many routine maintenance recommendations, for tires and otherwise, correlate with the miles on your fleet vehicle. During our inspection, we’ll record the exact mileage for each vehicle as part of an ongoing history. This will help inform service needs so you can plan for future repairs and be aware of upcoming tire replacement timelines. To complete this part of the inspection, we’ll need access to the keys for each vehicle. 


Tire tread depth

It’s normal for tire tread to wear down over time, but there comes a point where tires are no longer safe to drive on. We’ll measure the tread depth in various spots of each tire on every vehicle and record the findings. 


If we notice uneven tread wear, we may recommend booking a service appointment to check alignment. Tire tread depth should be at least 2/32” deep. If tires are wearing past this point, it’s important for the safety of you and your drivers to schedule a tire replacement. Planning ahead for tire replacement time and costs is an important way to minimize vehicle downtime and proactively manage your budget. 


Tire pressure

Proper tire pressure is important for safety as well as fuel efficiency. If a tire is over- or under-inflated, it can cause uneven tire wear, which will affect handling and overall tire performance. It’s important to check the pressure often because tires will naturally lose about 1 psi every month. Proper tire pressure can vary by vehicle and tire type, but the tire sidewall or the driver’s side door jam are good places to find the recommended pressure for a particular vehicle. 


During our inspection, we’ll check the tires on each fleet vehicle with a digital tire pressure gauge and record our findings. If the tire needs to be inflated or deflated, we’ll adjust the pressure and re-check to confirm. Ideally, tires should be cold when we check tire pressure (meaning fleet vehicles have been parked for at least a few hours) to get the most accurate reading.


Overall tire condition

As we complete our routine checks, we’ll also be looking for obvious damage, like punctures, cupping, or faulty patches that may compromise the structure of the tire. If we notice anything that can be considered unsafe to drive on, we’ll recommend repairing or replacing the tire before putting the vehicle back on the road.

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Next Steps After a Lot Check

After your complimentary fleet lot check, we’ll send you a full report of our findings via email. It will be broken down into three color-coded sections: green for items that don’t need any attention, yellow for items that will need to be addressed soon, and red for repairs that we recommend addressing right away.

Your dedicated mobile specialist will also be available to discuss next steps if we recommend booking a service appointment after the complimentary inspection.

The Benefits of Regular Fleet Lot Checks

When it comes to maintaining a whole fleet of vehicles, staying organized is essential. Complementary fleet lot checks help you:

  • Keep a detailed record of the health status of each vehicle.
  • Plan for upcoming tire replacement needs.
  • Ensure the safety of you and your drivers.
  • Reduce vehicle downtime caused by unexpected repairs.
  • Anticipate other symptoms your vehicle may be experienced through reading tread wear patterns.


The best part is, we do our tire inspections for your entire fleet of vehicles free of charge and right on your fleet lot. We can do a complimentary fleet lot check as often as you like—but we’ll generally recommend a time frame based on your business needs, vehicle usage and how many vehicles you have.

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