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Understanding Your Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) Report Following a Firestone Direct Service


Regular inspections are an essential part of maintaining a fleet of vehicles. From sticking to a service schedule to catching any small issues before they turn into huge problems, a vehicle inspection provides the information you need to plan ahead and stay organized. When you work with Firestone Direct, you’ll get a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) report immediately following your fleet inspection


Learn more about what to expect from your DVI report and how to use the information to implement a preventative maintenance plan.

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What is a DVI Report?

DVI is short for Digital Vehicle Inspection, and it refers to the report your Firestone Direct technician will send you after a lot check or vehicle inspection. The report is sent via email and details each vehicle’s health bumper-to-bumper, including what needs service immediately, what will require attention in the next few months and what is currently healthy. Your Firestone Direct technician is happy to walk you through your DVI report following the inspection pointing out anything that needs attention and help you plan for next steps in your fleet maintenance. The digital report makes it easy to keep a paper trail and look back at past reports to better understand the history of each vehicle.

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What is Covered in the DVI Report?

A DVI report is generated following a fleet vehicle inspection. You’ll receive a separate report for each vehicle. The inspection includes a thorough check of the following items:

  • Tire condition, including tread depths and alignment
  • Fluid levels (oil, transmission, brake, coolant, windshield washer)
  • Wiper blades
  • Lights (headlights, brake lights, turning signals, interior lights)
  • Battery and battery accessories
  • Belts
  • Cooling system/hoses
  • Filters (engine, cabin, fuel)


To help you understand the condition of an individual vehicle and prioritize service needs, the DVI report is split into three sections and includes photos from the specialist's inspection: 

  • Red: Required Service Items
  • Yellow: Recommended Service Items
  • Green: Passed Service Items
FSD DVI_Required Service

Required Service Items

Color-coded red, anything categorized under “Required Service Item” needs attention either immediately or at least before the vehicle is put back on the road. Some examples of a Required Service Item include tire tread depth nearing 2/32 of an inch, low brake fluid, a burnt-out headlight bulb or something more serious like worn-out brake pads. 

FSD DVI_Recommended Service

Recommended Service Items

Color-coded yellow, anything categorized under “Recommended Service Item” will require attention in the next couple of weeks or months. For some items, the vehicle is still road-worthy, but you should be planning for a service appointment soon. Some examples of Recommended Service Items include slightly uneven tire tread (this can indicate an alignment is needed), transmission fluid top-up and a coolant flush. 

Some upcoming service recommendations will be based on manufacturer guidelines for service intervals, and some will be based on a visual inspection that shows unexpected issues. Your technician can help you determine the next steps for each vehicle, whether it’s booking a service appointment right away or for a later date. 

FSD DVI_Passed Items

Passed Service Items

Color-coded green, anything categorized under “Passed Service Item” is in good condition and doesn’t need attention right now. The items will still appear on your DVI report as a record that they were checked. Some examples include the oil level and other fluid levels, brake pads, and the condition of the tire tread and wiper blades.

How DVI Reports Fit into a Preventative Maintenance Plan

A preventative maintenance plan is a smart way for businesses to manage fleet health and make sure vehicles are taken care of. By being proactive with routine maintenance like oil, fluid and filter changes, tire tread inspections and brake and battery service, you’ll increase vehicle uptime, saving both time and money. The DVI reports from Firestone Direct can fit into that plan by providing a roadmap to follow as you schedule routine maintenance for your fleet. 


DVI reports can also serve as a record of inspections if you ever need to look back at the history of a vehicle or confirm that you’re adhering to manufacturer recommendations, fleet management company standards, or compliance requirements. 


A Firestone Direct technician can help you use the information provided in the DVI report to create and iterate a preventative maintenance plan that makes sense for your business.

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