Mobile brake service right where you need it most

Our two-step brake installation process


STEP 1 / Brake Inspection

45 minutes

As a rule, your technician will inspect all of your brakes and even conduct a courtesy check of your fluids and tires. If you need repairs or new brakes installed, we will give you an estimate and set up your follow-up installation appointment.


Inspection Fee

After inspection, you will receive a $50 discount off the purchase of a new brake installation.

STEP 2 / Follow-up Installation Appointment

After inspection, your technician will help you book the next available installation appointment—possibly as soon as that same day.

New Brake Installations

2 hours

Because of rotor differences, costs will vary. Your technician will give you an estimate after your brake inspection.

What your mobile brake service includes

Instead of searching for a mechanic near you, count on our mobile mechanics to give you professional brake service right at your home or office.

Tire Inspection Icon

Brake Inspection

Your mobile mechanic will inspect all of your brakes before scheduling a follow-up service appointment.

New Brakes Icon

New Brake Pads/Rotors or Shoes/Drum

We will replace your brake pads and rotors or your shoes and drums. We even dispose of your old parts for you.

Brake Fluid Icon

Brake Fluid Replacement

If your brake fluid is running low, your mobile mechanic can easily take care of that for you.

Mounting Balancing Icon

Courtesy Vehicle Check

As a free service, your mobile mechanic will check the fluids throughout your vehicle and check your tires air pressure and tread.

Warranty Icon

Our Firestone Direct Warranty

Your mobile brake service is fully-covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, or if a brake fluid exchange is purchased, for 24 months or 24,000 miles.

Review Warranty Details

How our service works

New Tire Step1 Mobile

Our mobile brake inspection comes to you

Once you share your vehicle information we’ll come out and assess your brakes.

New Tire Step2 Mobile

Brake installation right at your home or office

During a follow-up appointment, your mobile mechanic will replace your defective brakes as needed.


Relax during your service

Service is contactless and mess-free, with no mess left in your driveway. We won’t charge you until after your service is complete.

Tire Background

Firestone Direct

Certified Firestone Mechanics

With Firestone Direct, you get the same level of expertise that separates Firestone Complete Auto Care from the pack.

Time Saving Mobile Service

Fully-equipped mobile service vans help our mobile mechanics complete your service or repairs right outside your home or office.

Service and Pricing You Can Trust

Because our service is backed by Firestone you can trust our word when it comes to quality of service and transparent pricing.



Scheduling is Easy

There are a few pieces of info we need ahead of your service.

  • Car
    The year, make and model of your vehicle

    We might be able to figure it out from your license plate.

  • Geo Pin
    The address where you want service

    Somewhere safe you can grant the technician access to.

  • Calendar
    An available date and time that works for you
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