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A Mechanic Shop on Wheels: Inside Firestone Direct Mobile Service Vans


All vehicles need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly, but taking time out of your day to bring your car into the shop isn’t always convenient. Luckily, some services don’t need to be done in the shop. As a mobile mechanic, Firestone Direct brings tire and maintenance services to you. All we need from you is a flat, stable service to work. Our service vans are an important resource that allows us to take the hassle out of traditional vehicle maintenance needs.


Learn more about our service vans, how they are stocked, and what services you can book through our mobile mechanics.

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Fully Stocked Service Vans

Our expert technicians are experienced and trained in a wide range of vehicle maintenance and tire needs. They arrive for your appointment in a state-of-the-art mobile service van, fully equipped to complete a wide range of services. Take a look inside one of our vans to see just how we service your vehicles wherever you are:

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Firestone Direct mobile mechanics have everything they need to complete your service on-site wherever you are, and get you back on the road. Click Get Started to schedule your next mobile maintenance appointment!

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Tire services

Wheel balancer


New tire changing machine

Digital tread depth gauge

Torque wrenches to ensure proper tire mounting


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Oil changes

Synthetic and traditional oil

Oil drainage pan for clean, safe oil disposal

Oil pump and funnel


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Brake services

Brake pad thickness measuring gauge

Compression tools to safely remove old brake parts

Brake pad replacements

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Additional tools on board

Car jacks and stands for safe lifting of vehicle; Safety equipment, including glasses, gloves, and safety cones; Comprehensive selection of wrenches, torques, sockets and screwdrivers; Cordless drill with attachments and a charging dock; Battery tester, jumper cables and replacement batteries


Mobile Vehicle Services Near You

Our service vans are stocked with the tools and supplies needed to complete a range of routine maintenance and tire services. Appointments can be for a single service or multiple services, including:

Firestone Direct can also complete tire services such as tire repair, rotation and balances, seasonal tire changeovers, and new tire installation.

Where Can the Vans Go?

Our service vans make it possible for our mobile mechanics to complete certain services nearly anywhere your car is parked. All we need is a flat, paved surface and we take care of the rest. That being said, it’s important to note we don’t offer emergency roadside assistance. Here are some of the places our vans typically go for service appointments: 

  • Your driveway
  • A public parking lot such as the golf club parking lot, a school parking lot, a grocery store parking lot, or a gym parking lot (excluding parking garages).
  • Your office parking lot
  • A fleet lot

If your vehicle is parked on gravel, dirt or grass, we ask that you move it to a paved before the appointment. Our vans cannot enter parking garages either above or below ground.

If you’re not sure if a mobile service appointment is possible in your particular circumstances, give us a call to talk through your options.

How to Make a Mobile Service Appointment

It’s easy to make an appointment online. Start by entering your Zip Code to confirm your service area. Next, select the services you need. You can select multiple services for a single vehicle appointment, and we can service multiple vehicles in one appointment if needed. Next, choose a time window that works best for your schedule. If you need to make any changes, you can make them without charge up to 24 hours in advance. 

We also specialize in providing customized maintenance service for fleets of vehicles, whether small or large in number. If you are a fleet business owner or manager and are interested in starting full fleet maintenance plans with Firestone Direct, please visit our Fleet page to learn more or contact our dedicated fleet service team at 1-844-338-0819.

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Firestone Direct mobile mechanics have everything they need to complete your service on-site wherever you are, and get you back on the road. Click Get Started to schedule your next mobile maintenance appointment!