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What is a Fleet?


How you view your company vehicles can impact how you approach your maintenance and repair needs. It can also inform how service providers like mechanics service your vehicles and help you choose vehicle management software that makes sense for your business operations. 


Whether you have a fleet manager on staff or not, there are best practices for managing fleets and implementing them all start with understanding what a fleet is. Here’s what to know about “fleets” to help you decide if your vehicles fall under the category.

What Defines a "Fleet" of Vehicles?


By definition, a commercial fleet is a group of vehicles used by a company to complete business tasks such as delivering goods or providing a service. The vehicles could be either owned or leased by the company and could be any type of vehicle. A fleet, by definition, can range from as small as two vehicles to hundreds or even thousands.

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Common fleets of vehicles include a mix of the following:


  • Buses of all sizes
  • Delivery trucks and vans
  • Service vans
  • Transport trucks
  • Work trucks in the trades
  • Rental cars
  • Taxis and limos
  • Company cars, including sedans and SUVs
  • Government vehicles

Firestone Direct’s mobile service is made up of our own fleet of vehicles and our service vans, so we understand what it takes to manage a fleet, keep up with maintenance requirements, and make sure vehicles stay on the road to meet the needs of our customers.

Maintenance Needs for Fleets


Every vehicle requires regular maintenance, but when you have a whole fleet to keep track of and a business that relies on maximizing vehicle uptime, it can get a little more complicated. Regular maintenance for a fleet should include:


For any business with a fleet, well-maintained vehicles are essential for safety, efficiency, and the bottom line. With a preventative maintenance plan in place, you can feel confident that you’re sending drivers out in reliable vehicles so they’re able to do their jobs effectively. With Firestone Direct, fleets have the support they need to stay on top of maintenance to help reduce vehicle downtime and save money.

Managing Fleet Maintenance


When and where you have your fleet vehicles serviced adds another layer to planning your maintenance. A fleet can be as small as two vehicles that operate in one area and as large as thousands of vehicles across multiple states. No matter the size and shape of your fleet, there are two things that can improve your ability to manage routine maintenance and keep your vehicles on the road when you need them most. 


1.  A mobile mechanic


A mobile mechanic service like Firestone Direct is equipped to come directly to your lot to complete inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs. Firestone Direct can complete your fleet service in bulk and keep your fleet vehicles healthy. We have expert experience working with all types of businesses to implement preventative maintenance plans that help simplify fleet management.


2.  Fleet management software

For larger fleets, utilizing fleet management software like Azuga can help streamline to-do lists by tracking the status of each vehicle and providing data that will inform future plans. As a fleet changes and grows, it’s essential to make good use of data to adjust service plans and keep up with the needs of your vehicles, staff and business. If you don’t have fleet management software already, Firestone Direct can install telematics and help you get your system up and running.

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